Nature on Goldfish Pond

Keep the Nature

Do Not Feed the Birds, Fish, Turtles or any other creatures on the pond. It interferes with nature and spreads disease.

People Food is Bad for Wildlife

The over abundance of water fowl visiting and nesting at the pond has resulted in a significant algae bloom, turning the water green. This bloom is detrimental to the species living in the water. There is no effective solution to this problem, except to discourage the birds. Please do not feed!

See Something, Say Something

Educate visitors to the park. Discourage those feeding the birds with kind words. Their intentions may be good, but their misguided actions are exacerbating the problem with bird feces and algae blooms.

Canada Goose and Nesting Issue

The GPA has taken steps to prevent the Canada Geese from forming nests on the island. This year after planting day, the beds were enclosed with fencing in order to keep birds from entering the area. We hope this will alleviate many of our concerns about nesting and city wide population control.

Why does the water look so bad?

That's because it is bad.

The city of Lynn has been taking several steps to address the polluted water at Goldfish Pond. Unfortunately, there has not been an improvement.


The Goldfish Pond Assoc was formed in 1980 by neighbors concerned about the overall appearance of the neighborhood. At this time, the city of Lynn allowed the GPA members liberal access to address the problems of trash in the pond. With this came a yearly "cleaning" of the pond, which entailed draining the pond to clean out debris i.e., barrels, bikes, shopping carts, branches etc. You get the picture, pond is drained...trash is removed and fresh new water was added. This was a yearly event  usually occurring in the Spring. Since 2013, this yearly process has stopped. Therefore, we have a very polluted pond.

Last time pond was drained 2013

The last time the pond was drained was in 2013, with the repair of the masonry on the center island. At this time, access to draining and refilling of the pond was taken away from the GPA members. At this time, the city of Lynn and Water and Sewer Commission, will not allow the pond to be drained for two reasons. Reason 1: the pond is polluted. Yes that is correct, they will not drain polluted water into their "system". Reason 2: the price to refill the pond costs too much. 

Catch 22?

Yes it is. We are at a standstill. The pond is so "thick" with floating green muck that it is impossible to see what's at the bottom of the pond. Shopping carriages, green/yellow rental bikes (guaranteed), barrels, zombies? bodies? maybe. Seriously though folks, dead fish will be floating up soon if this issue is not addressed.

Any geniuses out there with bright ideas?

We could use them, drop us a note. We've heard of sonic equipment (might be our best bet) requires a drainage to install. More chemicals? How about building a natural bog?

Wild Life on Goldfish Pond

In the water: Fish and Turtles

Goldfish, crayfish, catfish, and many other species of fish have been observed in the pond. Paul Coombs wrote a paper on the various turtles in the pond. He noted Eastern Painted, Red Eared Sliders, and the Common Musk turtle.  

Rare and Exotic Birds

Blue Heron, this bird dives for crayfish and other smaller fish.

Ducks: Canada Goose, Mallards and others

They are a nice sight to see. However, do not feed the birds. Keep the wildlife free of human intervention as much as possible.

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