The May Flower created by Ted Smiley

The May Flower

2020 will mark the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s landing at Plymouth Rock and the creation of the Mayflower Compact, the first agreement for self-government in America. This document affirmed the importance of each person’s contribution to society.

In 1980, a small group of people who live around a city park and pond not far north of Plymouth joined together to improve their neighborhood. The Goldfish Pond Association was born and every spring since, members gather to beautify the heart-shaped pond and its neighboring streets by planting flowers. The association will celebrate its 40th year in 2020.

This year the pond, at the heart of the neighborhood, will have its own May Flower. It is not made of ancient timbers and sails; it is made of shining bright lights. A ship carries people to a new land and a flower spreads its seeds afar in the wind. Goldfish Pond’s flower will be a reminder of how people from many different places have joined together in this neighborhood, worked for a common purpose, and today raise their illuminating light to welcome others.

This May Flower will only be around for a few weeks. It will be replaced by our beautiful gardens! You are welcomed to the pond to enjoy the scenery anytime of the year. Even better, add your contribution. Volunteer and join the neighbors in their projects. Catch our spirit!

Dig in the earth at this year’s “39th annual Planting Day” May 25 when the flowers for summer arrive and everyone gathers to plant them in the beds on the island.

On June 15 bring a child to plant in the Children’s Garden, on July 20 enjoy a movie under the stars, and on September7, visit one of the largest flea markets in Lynn. Take in our Halloween and Christmas decorations and if we are lucky, many good days of ice skating in the winter!

See the Mayflower at Night

Click here for a short movie to see the Mayflower at night.